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Ningbo XiaoNeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

Is a non-standard machinery manufacturing and research and development company

We are committed to the research and development and application of welding technology for industrial plastics. The products include hot plate welding machine, intelligent ultrasonic welding machine, multi head and multi station ultrasonic welding machine, hot riveter, resolver, high frequency inducer, automobile bumper punching welding machine, etc.; and various non-standard auto parts welding equipment, vibration friction machine, ultrasonic mold and various auto parts testing equipment, air tight water tight testing equipment, inspection tools and various welding dies Production oriented enterprises.

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Our Advantage

Taking Plastic Welding Technology as a Guide

Our company attaches great importance to quality and keep reputation. With superb technology and high quality products to win the trust of customers: in the past ten years for Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Ford, Chery, Jiangling, Jianghuai, Midea, Gree, Haier, and other brands supporting parts manufacturers to provide a variety of plastic welding equipment. Other aspects include cosmetics, stationery, electronic appliances, household appliances, medical equipment, toys, daily necessities, plastic products, mobile phones, batteries, keyboards and other electronic products are countless.

The company in technology and scale to step into a new level at the same time, pay more attention to the establishment of reputation, to provide convenience for customers. With reliable and perfect pre-sale and after-sales service as the fundamental, will as always for the new and old customers to provide better quality products and more perfect service, steady and fast pace to meet the new brilliant!

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Advantages of our Company

Enterprise Fundamental

  • The Quality of

    • The company's outsourcing parts are purchased from high-quality products
    • The company has strict production management and quality management
  • Technology

    • We have an efficient technical team, from product design to production
    • The company continues to innovate technology, mature technology, timely and efficient
  • Production

    • Production technicians continue to grow and accumulate experience in parts processing
    • While reducing inventory, most of our parts are converted into timely and efficient productivity

Ccustomizing Designed For All Districts

Our products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and many other countries