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Special Hot Melt Welding Equipment For Car Sundries Box
  • Special Hot Melt Welding Equipment For Car Sundries Box

Special Hot Melt Welding Equipment For Car Sundries Box


Special hot melt welding equipment for car sundries box
This equipment uses our company's large-scale hot riveting machine equipment, the maximum welding area is 1100MM×800MM, the whole machine is designed as a frame structure, and the upper die is driven by a servo + pneumatic (double insurance) system.


Equipment dimensions: (L) 2200 × (W) 1400 × (H) 2800 (MM)
Power supply: 380V
Machine power: 12KW Working stroke: 400mm
Power consumption: 12KW fine-tuning up and down stroke: 50mm
Air supply: 4M3/MIN pressure 0.6MPa
Machine weight: 4T
Maximum area of ​​welding plastic parts: 1100mm×800mm
Equipment structure: The whole machine is a frame structure, with a thermal mold on the top and automatic control equipment on the bottom.
Transmission part: The transmission part uses linear guide rails to ensure stable operation and high accuracy of the equipment. Servo cylinder is used as power source.
It adopts German "Siemens" programmable controller (PLC) and touch screen to control the entire operation process, which can be operated automatically or manually, and the humanized design is fully demonstrated.
Set the alarm.
Human body safety protection.
Double start switch.
Emergency stop.
Equipped with an independent electric box, the circuit is divided into functional blocks, strong/weak current blocks, for easy maintenance.
Electric control part: The equipment and electrical control part adopts PLC control mode, and man-machine display touch screen to adjust various action parameters.

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