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Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine
  • Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine
  • Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine
  • Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine
  • Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine

Plastic High Frequency Induction Welding Machine


High frequency induction welding machine
High-frequency induction machine model: XN-YD25
Welding principle:
The high-frequency induction machine welding uses the crystal-type high-frequency induction heating technology that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It penetrates the plastic product in a non-contact form to instantly generate induction induction machine heating for the induction embedded in the plastic product, so that the workpiece interface quickly melts , And then fill the gap between the interfaces, and equipped with perfect mechanical devices to achieve perfect welding.
The characteristics of the whole high frequency induction machine ★ For products with large and complex welding area and high welding requirements, the welding effect is superior. ★Digital welding parameter setting, intuitive and accurate. ★Precise control of current and time during welding process to improve welding quality. ★Stable assembly performance of a full set of high-quality imported components.


Applies to:
It is mainly used for plastic products that are not suitable for ultrasonic plastic welding, such as extra-large products, soft plastics, irregular shapes, and require leak-proof and air-tight specifications. Its advantages are firmness after welding, high stability, 100% water leakage and air leakage effect, and very reliable. Suitable for PP, PC, ABS nylon, thermoplastics, and plastics containing glass fiber, etc.
Working characteristics: fast..... each welding time is 0.001-9.99 seconds
Strength... can withstand large pulling forces. high pressure.
Quality...no water leakage, air-tight welding, no damage to plastic parts when welding.
Economical...no screws or glue, less labor and low cost.
Technical features:
Horn stencil welding
PP, PC, nylon, glass fiber... engineering plastic welding
100% watertight, airtight, high stability
800KHz high frequency induction heating, extremely effective
Model: DH-15KW/DH-25KW/DH-35KW
Output power: Output power: 15KW/25KW/35KW
Output frequency: Output Fre: 800KHz
Input power Input power: AC380KV.3P
Press method: Pneumatic
Stroke: 150mm
Low Table.size: 600L×400W(mm)
Cooling water flow/pressure Vol.of water: 8L/min, 1.5Kgf/cm2
Application example:
Household appliances-electric iron water storage tank, electric hot water bottle, leaking device, toilet board, stainless steel thermos display ruler, agitator, steam iron water storage tank, water pipe welding, electric hair dryer, printer carbon powder box, vacuum cleaner water storage tank.
Audio box-speaker steel mesh, screw welding, screw cap.
Automotive industry-automotive taillights, batteries, fuel tanks, water storage tanks, filters, automotive water tank oil pans, etc.

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