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Servo hot plate welding machine
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  • Servo hot plate welding machine
  • Servo hot plate welding machine

Servo hot plate welding machine


Product introduction ◆ Quick mold change system, mold change time 5-10 minutes
                             ◆ Precise depth control, can reach 0.01mm.
                             ◆ Operation window Chinese and English operation interface, simple and easy to learn .
                             ◆ MISMI original heating device. Hot plate temperature control, with temperature self-test, closed-loop control, multi-point independent temperature control, temperature control accuracy can reach ± 2 degrees.
                             ◆ Equipped with human-machine interface, Chinese and English interface operation is more intuitive.
                             ◆ The welding time is 80% higher than pneumatic, and the welding stability is 99% higher than pneumatic.
                             ◆ The whole machine is welded with square tube and sheet metal to strengthen the overall rigidity and make it more stable in operation.
                             ◆ Standard equipped with electronic hand wheel, convenient to transfer and change the mold.
Ergonomics ◆Safety: the equipment is equipped with installation of protective grating, as well as anti-burn safety warning safety flaps.
                             ◆New generation system, various parameters are verified with each other.
                             ◆Equipment frame structure all CNC machining molding, to ensure high precision operation.
                             ◆Equipment start-up mode, using two-hand start-up.
Equipment capability ◆Abusive operation verification (not in accordance with the standard process of operation equipment has protection).
                             ◆Alarm fault code and its record.
                             ◆Human-machine interface-Human-machine interface visualization information including current operation steps, alarm information and solution method.
                             ◆Capacity record requirement
                             ◆IMS interactive function: support Ethernet communication, the equipment has QR code sweeping identification function, hot plate temperature, displacement, hot plate time data can be recorded and the data needs to be pushed to the company's IMS system. (This function is customized according to customer requirements.)
Equipment tooling fixture ◆The equipment can be independently equipped with mold change trolley. (This function is customized according to customer's requirements.)
Quick mold change ◆The fixture of the equipment is fixed by simple, fast and reliable fixing methods such as positioning pins, without special tools.
                              ◆The pneumatic part and sensor part of the fixture of the equipment are designed with quick plugging and unplugging.
                              Quick mold change time is 10-15 minutes.
Technical parameters ◆Exterior dimensions of the equipment (L)1360MM*(W)1200MM*(H)2000MM.
                             ◆Maximum mould capacity of the equipment (L)580MM*(W)300MM*(H)350MM.
                             ◆Power supply specification: 3 phase 380V 50Hz, if there is any special demand, it should be confirmed by customer.
                             Air source specification: about 0.4MPA-0.6MPA.
                             Total power of machine
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