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Automobile hot melt/hot riveting welding equipment
  • Automobile hot melt/hot riveting welding equipment

Automobile hot melt/hot riveting welding equipment


Hot melt/hot riveting welding equipment
Welding machine:
It has the effect of covering and sound insulation, and is made of non-woven material. In the field of automotive non-woven fabrics, there are also non-woven fabrics for automobile sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration reduction, sealing, and shimming pads; non-woven fabrics for decoration such as automobile trunks, coat racks, and contour covers; automobile door panels and rear partition bases Non-woven fabrics for composite materials; non-woven fabrics for car seat covers; non-woven fabrics for automotive air filter elements; non-woven fabrics for enhanced shaping and anti-sticking molds for automotive ceilings, automotive floor leathers, and automotive interior carpets. The automobile rear partition welding machine is optimized with a new concept (ultrasonic riveting technology), riveting and assembling plastic parts with metal parts or other components of non-weldable materials. The riveting surface has good smoothness, fast forming speed, and not easy to crack and brittle. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable structure, no vibration, no noise, no pollution, reduced production technology, reduced material consumption, greatly improved product quality, reliability and production efficiency, and effectively extended service life. The advantages of high processing quality.


Advantages of welding machine:
◇ Multi-unit ultrasonic assembly is used to weld large-area and irregular products;
◇ The main electronic components and parts of the equipment adopt imported high-quality products to make the machine durable;
◇ The control circuit adopts PLC circuit design, and the control method adopts the man-machine interface to ensure the quality and performance, and the mechanical maintenance is also simplified;
◇ The equipment adopts imported air cylinders, spraying case and hard chrome plated surface, making the equipment beautiful in appearance and durable;
◇ Adjustable time. When welding plastic parts, increase or decrease the welding time according to the specific welding requirements to achieve the desired welding effect;
◇ All Chinese touch-type digital man-machine interface operation, with the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and high precision;
◇ The new model and the whole machine are integrated, strengthen the stable mechanism engineering, pulse circuit design, and provide stable energy output of the transducer.

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As a leading China custom Automobile hot melt/hot riveting welding equipments suppliers, we are committed to the research and development and application of welding technology for industrial plastics. The products include hot plate welding machine, intelligent ultrasonic welding machine, multi head and multi station ultrasonic welding machine, hot riveter, resolver, high frequency inducer, automobile bumper punching welding machine, etc.; and various non-standard auto parts welding equipment, vibration friction machine, ultrasonic mold and various auto parts testing equipment, air tight water tight testing equipment, inspection tools and various welding dies Production oriented enterprises.

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