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Ningbo XiaoNeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

As a professional

China plastic welding machines manufacturers and Automatic plastic welding machines suppliers

. Committed to the research and development and application of industrial plastic welding machine technology, Products include automatic plastic welding machines, punching and welding integrated machines, tooling fixtures, vibration friction machines, inspection tools and various welding mold production enterprises.
  • "High energy and high efficiency" is our eternal goal
  • Strictly control production management to ensure product qualit
  • Have an efficient and mature technical team
  • From order to production efficient productivity


  • Customization

    We have 10 years of work experience and an experienced R&D team, which can develop and produce products according to drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • Cost

    We have our own production workshop, skilled workers and mature parts supply chain, with low production cost and good quality.

  • Quality

    We have industry-leading production technology and manufacturing experience, product quality is stable and reliable.

  • Diversity

    The product is committed to the research and development and application of industrial plastic welding technology, and a production-oriented enterprise that produces various welding molds.

  • Capacity

    Our annual output exceeds 3000 sets of machines and 5000 sets of molds, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchases.

  • Service

    We provide customized services for customers with different needs, the quality meets the high-end market, and the products meet international standards.

Products can be customized according to your different needs


  • 01
    Drawings or samples

    Customers send drawings, samples or specific requirements

  • 02
    Make the proposal quotation

    We will according to the customer's drawings, samples or requirements, do the quotation scheme, sent to the customer for confirmation

  • 03
    Signing the contract

    After the two parties discuss the plan, the details are determined and the contract is signed

  • 04
    Pay the advance payment

    The customer confirms the quotation, and the advance payment is 30% of the purchase price. The payment term is T/T

  • 05
    Equipment or mold production

    Design, drawing production

  • 06
    Equipment debugging, Mould sample

    After the completion of equipment or mold, equipment debugging or mold sample

  • 07
    Customer confirmation

    For small pieces, sample can be sent to customers for confirmation. For large pieces, on-site confirmation or live video confirmation can be made

  • 08

    Inspectors inspect equipment or molds and pack them into boxes

  • 09
    Delivery and payment balance payment

    According to customer specified delivery, customer pay balance payment

  • 010

    After the equipment arrives at the customer's factory, the technician will debug the equipment on site and teach the use method and matters needing attention. After the mold arrives at the customer's factory, the technician will install and test the mold on site (under special circumstances, audio or video guidance for installation).